The 52nd Trooper Division is currently recruiting
    The 52nd trooper Divisoin have stopped their Call of Duty team due to no intrest from current members and members deserting. But Counter strike source will still be played and day of defeat but this depends wheather we can make a team up.
Counter Strike: Source
Day of Defeat
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   If you are interested in joining the 52nd Trooper Division then please contact us and please contain your e-mail address, a recent screen shot, your current screen-name, and what connection type you use e.g. ADSL,56k.
Clan Matches
  If you are interested in playin the 52nd trooper Division in a scrim then please
contact us with your clan name and site and some1 will get back to you asap.
Practice Night
  There is no set practice night at the moment but as soon as one is agreed on we will post it.