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Many people have asked me why do I use the handle "the65thsquare". Well, have you counted the number of squares on a chessboard? There are 64 squares on a chessboard. The65thsquare is another dimension that enters into a chess player's game when he or she has reached a certain level of competency at the game.

It also denotes a phase that comes into existence when a chess player sees patterns in the game, right from the first move, right up to checkmate. These players have mastered the three divisions of the game of chess - The opening, the middle game, and the endgame.

Chess players may also gauge their skill and level of competency by following this simple chart consisting of five different levels of competency at the game. Determine your level by gauging your abilities in the game of chess as follows

If you are able to do all of the above, then you have come close to mastering the game of chess. It is simply amazing how 32 pieces moving around on 64 squares can so totally engross millions of people all around the world, regardless of their age, sex or nationality. For thousands of years, kings, lords, and common people have put aside their stations in life and have willingly matched wits with each other in this game.

Therefore, the65thsquare is likewise not concerned with the status of people who play this game. All are welcome, and encouraged to observe the ettiquette of chess, namely the code of conduct that commands mutual respect for your opponent.

Winning or losing is of secondary importance. What is most important is an understanding of what actually happened during the various stages of the game. Remember, if you do not lose, you will never know how good a player you are, or how to further improve on your game.

Once you truly see the beauty behind the game of chess, you will realise exactly how brutal a battle of wills this game is. You will become hooked on the strategy of this game. You will marvel at the reasoning behind the development of the game. How have the ancients managed to develop so complex a game, one that has remained unsolved for so many centuries?

Discuss the game of chess atThe65thSquare You will be assured of finding a friend who will understand your obsession with chess.

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