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Left: Wah in Dragons Forever (1988), widely considered one of the greatest modern martial arts films. Right: Yuen Wah at the Handover celebrations with fellow Seven Fortunes brothers Yuen Biao, Sammo Hung, and Jackie Chan. Bottom: Two Yuens face off for the great finale of Iceman Cometh (1989).
Yuen Wah: A Biographical Essay by Yves Gendron
Posted as part of the HK Actors Index at View from the Brooklyn Bridge, Gendron's biography contains the most extensive information on Wah's life and career to be found on the web, plus dozens of images of the Hong Kong film star.
Yuen Biao and Friends
An image-rich site devoted to the great HK action star Yuen Biao and some of his co-stars who helped make Hong Kong Cinema great. Extensive research on Biao’s doubling career, as well as forums devoted to Biao and his co-stars.
HK Film Recommendations
Over 600 Hong Kong films rated by viewer popularity in various categories. See how some of Wah’s films, such as Dragons Forever and Eastern Condors, fit into the top 10 for Modern Martial Arts.
The Asian DVD Guide
Thorough details on a variety of Asian DVD releases. The ADVDG forum provides a place to discuss and review Asian DVDs and links viewers to related ezboard forums, as well.
Hong Kong Movie Database
The best English language source on the web for Hong Kong movie details.
Kung Fu Cinema
A wealth of information on Hong Kong and Asian-related films, both old and new, including news releases and star profiles.
Hong Kong Cinema: View from the Brooklyn Bridge
Excellent film reviews, literary sources, actor info and images, and more.
So Good . . . Hong Kong DVD Movie Reviews
Many thorough movie reviews, including those for Wah films On the Run and Police Story 3: Supercop.
Korean Cinema House
I contribute an occassional film review to this site devoted to another of my film passions -- South Korean Cinema. The site is owned and operated by my friend Kev Gilvear, a film reviewer for DVDTimes. KCH includes thorough film and DVD reviews, as well as a large section devoted to the faces of Korean Cinema.
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