1986 Jeep Cherokee Chief
For Sale
For sale: One 1986 Jeep Cherokee Chief in salem MA. This jeep is in excellent condition. It has a new engine and $7000 in new parts. Brakes, accesories, sound system and many other things are new. Im selling (sacraficing it) for $4000 you can call me at 1-978-744-8206 to make me an offer or to ask questions.
Exterior: Stand out in a crowd with this jeep. The chief graphics look cool and its rot-free.
Interior: Its perfect. No rips or tears. It has one high quality sound system and is very comfortable to drive.
Engine and Drive Train: There are so many new parts on this thing its baffling. From the waranteed H.O. 2.8L to the new brakes. This jeep wont let you down.
Dont Let a jeep like this pass you by.