MS-07B3 Gouf Custom

Model Number: MS-07B3
Name: Gouf Custom
Unit Type: Customized mass prod.
3-barrel 35mm machinegun pack
Electric rope (heat rod)
Heat saber
Forearm shield
Mission specific armaments:
75mm shield gatling
Weight: 77.6 tons (maximum)
Armor: Luna titanium
Thruster acceleration: .53 G's
Pilot: Norris Packard
Head height:
18.7 meters
Sensor range:
3600 meters
Duchy of Zeon
First deployment:
U.C. 0079
Standard type in torso
Perhaps one of the most limited production mobile suits is the Duchy of Zeon's MS-07 Gouf. Only a very few units were ever produced as the MS-09 Dom was already in the works before the Gouf was ever fielded. Not very many units were produced, and only one unit, piloted by Ranba Ral,
was ever seen in animation doing better than the average run-of-the-mill Zaku. While the original Gouf was superior to the Zaku II, Gouf lacked versatility. The Gouf's weapon, a tentacle-like heat rod, had a limited range, and the five 75mm machineguns installed as the unit's left hand made the hand useless after the ammo went dry. No wonder Dom was so much more widely used. However, another unit is known to exist. Sometime after the destruction of Apsaras II, local Zeon ace Norris Packard apparently acquired a Gouf of his own. However, this was no ordinary Gouf. Zeonic engineers apparently have given the Gouf one last chance, giving way to the MS-07B3 Gouf Custom, given expressly to crack ground combat officers and tailored to their exact specifications. Replacing the finger machineguns with a forearm-mounted 35mm three barrel machinegun pack enabled the Gouf Custom to operate both hands, allowing it the use of Zaku armaments, as well as to grip the heat saber with two hands, but still mount considerable firepower thanks to the use of high-velocity bullets. Also, the heat rod was severly revamped. Instead of using the traditional tentacle, Gouf Custom's heat rod (or electric rope as I call it) closely resembles a grappling hook and cable. Although losing the capability as a flogging weapon, the new e-rope was capable of many other things. A magnet in it's tip allowed it to grab discarded weapons as well as yank accessories from enemy mobile suits. The much longer length made it possible for use as a grappling weapon that could be used to rappel down a building, and of course, deliver a shock of high-voltage electricity to an enemy suit it latched onto. The original Gouf's heat saber, a medium sized machete-like weapon which glowed red hot like a heat hawk was replaced with a larger saber, which resembled a traditional broad sword. We're not sure whether it simply does not glow when activated, or whether pilot Norris Packard simply leaves it turned off for more of a challenge. Like always, the heat saber could be stored in the Gouf Custom's forearm shield. In addition to the revised weaponry, Gouf Custom could also be equipped with a long barreled 75mm gatling gun which attached to the shield for extra long range firepower. This rapid firing weapon was excellent for turning Federal hardware into a pile of broken armor at medium to long range. The only drawback on the gatling was that it's extra weight made melee combat somewhat difficult. However, in case the gatling ran out of ammunition or became cumbersome, it could be quickly detached and discarded from the shield. The Gouf Custom also sports a more streamlined design and re-defined torso than the original Gouf. In compliance with keeping a step ahead of the Zaku, Gouf Custom mounted thrusters on it's legs, making it capable of moderately long distance jumps. It can also run at a speed of almost 100 kilometers and hour, making it a very fast, manuverable suit on the ground. Tie that with its excellent pilot, Norris Packard, and you have a one man and suit army ready to take on the whole Federal Forces. Norris Packard's preformance in this suit is legendary, and I even go as far as to say that Gouf Custom's biblical-level preformance has got to the single best scene of all One Year War Gundam anime that has been seen to date.
This masterful rendition of the Gouf Custom has been illustrated by Mark Simmons of Gundam Project. As always, all the credit is due to our hero Mr. Simmons. Go Mark!
           Weapon lineart:

3-barrel 35mm gatling pack

Heat saber

E-rope (heat rod)

Shield with 75mm gatling attached

          Additional pictures:

Gouf Custom's beautiful entrance

Gouf Custom firing its e-rope

Gouf Custom firing it again

GC's e-rope rappeling scene:
(1) GC fires e-rope through tower

(2) GC prepares to break in

(3) GC breaks through the roof

(4) GC fires the 75mm at the target

(5) The GunTank target gets fried

GC's GunTank scene:
(1) GC appears behind the G-Tank

(2) GC prepares to strike

(3) GC strikes (motor oil!)

(4) GC quickly jumps away

View showing 35mm spare mags.

GC intimidatingly marching

GC ramming a Gundam

Mecha Domain GC illustration

WEBMASTER'S NOTE: With my limited space, I can't even begin to show you all the shots of Gouf Custom in acttion. If you're still looking for pictures, please visit NewType Asylum and check out the 08th MS Team section of the Mechalomainac. They have enough pictures to start a whole album of Gouf Custom action shots!