Over ther years I've found out that you can't go through life without friends...I don't even think I'd be here if it weren't for my friends.(god that sounds sappy x.x;;) Well here are a few of the closest friends I've ever had (so far) and will always remain no matter what:

He is more than a friend to me, if you know what I mean and one of the people I can be myself around without feeling stupid.We have so much in common it scares me sometimes, I mean I have more in common with him than I do with any of my girl friends.That's just part of the reason I lurve him ( funky word! XD ) and I'm not going to say anything else because you don't need to know! To all you rabid girls out there he is MINE! M-I-N-E >.>; I don't know how many times people hit on him or me...I lost count after 10 x.x; So unless you want to be beaten to a pulp I suggest you leave him alone >.>;;

Bah...Malik...I dunno I used to think of him as a big prick, but he has changed a lot and he now is really nice to me & everyone else for that matter.Hopefully he'll stay like that!Booya go Malik!

Veeon was one of my first friends after the fight with Malik and has remained since.I saved Veeon in a fight with a different Malik over my freedom ( I think o.O ).Anyway Veeon is probably one of the closest things I have to a best friend. *huggles Veeon* WOOOO!! You're backums!

My sistah!I can never share a serious momment with her at all...well maybe when I'm depressed or just not hyper yet.Anyways Yuna has been my friend since we were little peoples.Yuna is one of the people I don't have to hide my true self from...(ya know the hyperness thing x.x;)

Let's just say he is very intelligent(wow big word there...look out!o.O).I wish I was that smart... x.X; I swear sometimes I think I scare him by being my hyperish self...Well I guess who couldn't be?I am a very scary person...Bwahahahaaaa!

Another intelligent person...he can get as crazy as me at times which it kind of scary, but in a good way.I hardly ever see him anymore though... u.u; I MISS YA LOTS WEEVIL!

Reishii is another one of my hyperish friends.I feel sorry for her though because Malik happens to be her older brother.But for some odd reason she is much wiser and actually is more like a big sister to Malik, which I find funny.