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Mister B.

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Busy-Bee (Wife)

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The Jeep® 4x4 Cache-In Adventure

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List of Caches Placed:
6/12/2003 Yarson's Loot (GCG94N)
4/22/2004 Super Friends (GCJ8YW)
10/27/2004 Ghost Rider (GCKY41)
11/12/2004 Egyptian Hieroglyphics (GCM1V9)
1/11/2005 Picnic with Bees (GCMFP4)
1/14/2005 ALT Code (GCMGB1)
1/25/2005 Mrs. Potato Head (GCMHQ8)
1/25/2005 Mr. Potato Head (GCMHQ9)
1/25/2005 This Spuds for You (GCMHQA)
8/12/2007 Chickadee with a GPS (GC14JTT)

Equipment I use:

Palm TX

Introducing the Palm® TX handheld. With built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® technology, this is the wireless device you've been waiting for. Browse the web and check email from your office, campus, or a home Wi-Fi network—and places like airports, cafes, and hotels1. Carry your Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files2 and get more done anywhere. Web pages, presentations, spreadsheets, photos, and videos come to life on a large color screen that rotates from landscape to portrait mode. Have time to unwind? The Palm TX handheld even lets you listen to MP3s3 and read eBooks. It's anything but business as usual.

PalmOne™ GPS Navigator (HOLUX GR-230 Bluetooth GPS Receiver) Programs I use:
GeoNiche: Listen to Review on PodCacher