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There's a couple of freeware or shareware programs I found very helpful and easy to use.
As far as copyrights or responsibilities are concerned: Since I haven't written the programs I tell you about below I can't be held responsible for any problems resulting from downloading and using those programs. Certain (copy)rights may apply.

First of all, there's a program called "File Ferret". It's a search and retrieve program designed to find files all over the world through searching in databases like and the like. You even get a short realname description of the file when you take your mouse arrow over the filename. Then you can download the file directly using a built-in FTP module. Nice little program. You can go to the download area at XOOM to get the 32 bit version.

Another program I found very useful is "Netsonic" which speeds up your internet connection through scanning the links on the pages you visit with your browser. It preloads those pages into your browser cache so the pages open directly and a lot faster when you click on the links.
You can get the 32 bit version at XOOM.

Last but not least there's "Fastnet 99". This proggie speeds up your internet connection by using a URL-to-IP address database on your pc at home. What you gain is the time your browser needs to ask for the ip address at your ISP.
Please visit Giuseppe Criaco's private Geocities website at

The downloads from XOOM are self extracting installation files.


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