Alb's Store

There's a couple of books and CD's I'd like to recommend.

You can find all of them in my book shelves and CD collection. They are of my personal style and taste so you can rely on it (or so at least my girlfriend says).

I'll be adding and replacing things every now and then so be sure to bookmark this page and come back to see what I've got to offer.

I divided my shop in a couple of sections:
1. Alb's CD Store
2. Oscar Nominees
(direct link to Amazon)
3. Alb's Software Store

3. Alb's Book Store:
  • travel books and other literature
  • Terry Pratchett books
  • Computer and Web related books

  • Have fun browsing through my little shop. TheAlb

    Lonely Planet Europe Lonely Planet Central Europe on a Shoestring (2nd Ed)
    Five years ago I traveled Australia and New Zealand and there's one book that saved my life more than once: The famous "Lonely Planet". Here's the European issue.
    Lonely Planet Germany Lonely Planet Germany (1st Ed)
    And to get more specific: This is the German version. Many friends from abroad have used it and their opinion about the book is: You come to Germany? Buy it!

    ringworld.gif - 4728 Bytes There's one series of novels I've been hunting in my own language for years because I couldn't get hold of it:
    "Ringworld"and "The Ringworld Engineers" by Larry Niven.
    It's a gorgeous story about a flight to an artefact: a world in the shape of a ring. What haunted me wasn't computers, technique or wars: it's the idea of an old world which you explore and find something new behind every corner, civilizations you face and have to cope with.
    The Ringworld Engineers tells about a second flight to the ring to restabilize it for certain reasons and answers questions that have been posed in the first part.
    The third part, "The Ringworld Throne", is the climax and possible conclusion to this saga which I believe is a gem under all the SF literature.
    sophwelt.gif - 5574 Bytes Sophie's World : A Novel About the History of Philosophy
    Jostein Gaarder
    This is certainly the most exciting and interesting book about philosophy I've ever read. The story is simple - at the beginning. A girl, Sophie, is nearing her 15th birthday when she starts receiving letters from someone she doesn't know. The content of the letters is an introduction into philosophy. But that's only the beginning . . .

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