Welcome to Amanda's World!
Welcome to my World.  Do you really, really want to be here?  I mean come on.... you do?  Whoa.  Okaaaaaay. Anyway, this site is the gateway to my (in the words of my elementary school A.T. teacher) many, varied and unusual interests.  I've got Star Wars, Harry Potter, Margaret Peterson Haddix, personal book reviews, some of my school reports if you want 'em, and some local stuff that involves me doing a lot of whining.  Also, I've got  some plans for other stuff in the works (In my brain. do HONESTLY think I'm working on them.  I have an overactive brain with an underactive work ethic.) which probably won't EVER get up simply because I'm juggling work, five honors classes (and the homework from Hell), a CIM, Girl Scouts (rock! Buy cookies, they rock too.), attempting to play the Sims or Nintendo, reading loads of books, learning how to use the TI-89, attempting to find my missing TI-83+,  Future Teachers of America, practicing the piano, checking and rechecking the pages I like to baby-sit, hanging out with friends, actually taking part in the RPG I belong to, and not to mention eating and sleeping in this whole crazy mix.

Soooooo. Are you sick of me yet?  Well, I've got more things to do, so go somewhere else.  Like these links.  Or you could always e-mail me about how much you like this site, which just might inspire me to do some more.
Fred and George's House of Mischief - this place is my Harry Potter tribute site.  Like most of my other webpages, this place has more plans than I have time or the care to do.  Hopefully I will get something done with this joint, there are some sites that I have made for it that I haven't linked to the  main page yet, but I will.... eventually.
The Local Place - this site is made for in-jokes, and people and events that involve life off the internet.  Yes! There is life off of the internet!  Yes, this is another site under construction where I have big plans, but will never get up.
The AZ Bibliothèque - this is a site where I keep my stories, drawings, etc. that I feel like sharing.  There isn't much here, but hey, take my big imagination and little work ethic, triple it, and that's when everything will be up
The Margaret Peterson Haddix Fan Website - perhaps the only fan site out there dedicated to the great MPH.  She's my favorite author after J. K. Rowling, which doesn't really count because practically everyone likes her.

Reports, Reviews and Recommendations - a site where I will attempt to add movie and book reviews, a list of good books, and (REALLY far into the future) my school reports which you can use a a source for your school reports. 
Site Index- links to every (HA!) site that I own here. It is no longer a work in progress!
Adnama's Lair - My very own blog!  Enjoy!
the_amazee_az@yahoo.com - my e-mail.  Feel free to e-mail me at the mentioned address.  Please be specific about the subject, because I am extremely delete-happy.  Though I do like e-mail.  A lot. (two words people)  I just don't want to join your porno club, or buy a camera or vacation, so don't ask me about those.
My AIM Names! - Get ready for this one!  There's SEVEN, count 'em, seven!  JainaSolo619, Weasley Twins, StriderIsKing619, theAmazeeAZ, PandaManda619, PuZZ3d3141, and Siriusly2004!  Put them on your buddy list and say hi!