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We're glad you came by for a visit!  To introduce ourselves, we are Thee Cool Mormons!  We live in La Grande, Oregon and belong to La Grande 2nd Ward.  TCM (The Cool Mormon) is a hangout for cool Mormons everywhere.  TCM is aimed towards Mormon teens but everyone is welcome.  TCM started as a guide to cool Mormon products but more features have been added.  We hope you enjoy your visit and have a good time.  If you want to talk to some other cool Mormons check out the forum, it's really cool.  If you like TCM tell your friends to come by for a visit.
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Since TCM is new, we would just like to ask you to help us by telling your friends about our site.  The more people that come to this site the better this site will be.  Also when getting more people to sign up on the forum there will be more people to talk to. So we would just like to say thanks for spreading the word.  Thanks
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