Welcome to The Covenant RPG. This is a world where 4 of the Olympian Gods, Morpheous, Hades, Artemis, and Hesphaestus, have banded together to form a secret organization known as The Covenant in order to combat the evil known as the Illuminati, a race of beings created by an ancient power that seeks to destroy the realm of mortals. Each Olympian, with the exception of Hesphaestus, has created a specialized warrior caste, called Slayers, who are chosen to combat the Illuminati on their own terms. Hades has chosen to create the Shadow Slayers, vampire-like warriors that hunt the Bacchae Illuminati and other forms of undead. Artemis chose to create the Beast Slayers, who specialized in hunting down the Illuminati Lycanthropes. Morpheous has chosen to gift selected warriors with the abilities to enter the Dream Stream, where they combat the Morpheomoth’s, Illuminatis’ who drag the dream persona of mortals out of their dream pool and into their own where they devour the energies of the mortal’s dream persona. Hesphaestus joined the Covenant as the master weapons maker. He forges the weapons that the Slayers use to combat the Illuminati. Enter a world where the Gods walk the Earth and use man’s own technology to combat the evil known as the Illuminati.
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