A BBC Tribute to Kathy Staff upon leaving the comedy series Last Of The Summer Wine for her return to Crossroads in 2001.

Its Goodbye Yorkshire Dales, hello Kings Oak for Kathy Staff.

The BBC look at Kathy's life and career.

From her early years to starting her acting stage career.

A look at her appearances in shows such as Coronation Street, Open All Hours and Last of the Summer Wine.

Crossroads takes a good part of the show with Kathy saying Doris is one of her favorite roles.

Jane Rossington tells us how Miss Luke was always the spinster.

Kathy recalls how people mistook her for Benny's mother - which she wasn't.

Paul Henry tells us how ATV wanted her to play a battle axe but Kathy decided Doris should be different from her Summer Wine character

Tony Adams talks about how professional Kathy is - espcially when things went wrong.

Doris gossips with Kath Brownlow, while Kathy informs us ATV were good to her by letting her 'dissapear' for months to record Last Of The Summer Wine.

Kathy thinks Doris is more like the real Kathy Staff than any other of her roles.

Kathy played Doris Luke between 1978 and 1986. And again in 2001 -2002.

Images courtesy of BBC Television