Predictions League Archive


Correct Results Correct Scores Bonus points Total
James S 256 57 30 400
Gareth 226 44 60 374
Chris 215 46 60 367
Loz 206 40 60 346
Alex 220 51 0 322
Gary 162 36 0 234
Daz 130 33 0 196

James led the pack for more or less the whole season after having a brief tussle for pole position with Gareth at the start of the term. Alex was second for a few months towards the end, but was crippled by picking up no bonus points from the pre-season predictions. Daz set a shocking low total at the bottom. Gary also won the inaugral PA Cup after defeating James in the final.

Euro 2008

Correct Results Correct Scores Bonus points Total
James S 13 6 6 31
Gareth 14 6 4 30
Chris 13 3 10 29
Gary 14 1 10 26
Alex 12 1 10 24
Daz 16 4 0 24
Loz 16 4 0 24

A hugely memorable tournament with the table all over the place until the very last game. James won the contest by completely nailing the result of the Final: 1-0 to Spain, Torres the scorer, and this was the only way he could possibly overhaul Gareth at the top. The write-up on the offical thread was this:

As Gareth said in a kind text message this evening near the end of the final, it was 'a dramatic finish to a dramatic tournament'. I'm not going to pretend for a second that there was any actual football knowledge applied to my championship-winning prediction - I simply had to post a prediction that was completely different to Gareth's. And that is the way it works in this game; this cruel but incredible phenomenon of the PREDICTIONS LEAGUE!

Looking back on the contest and casting an eye on the final table, things could have been so different. Alex and Gary only predicted one correct score each, yet ended up only a few points off winning the title. An extra couple of points here and there may seem small at the time, but in the end they make all the difference. And look at Lozza - he was leading for nearly half the tournament, but now finds himself at the bottom once again. We all thought he'd banished the demons of the 2007-8 season, but he remains a man with a point to prove!

To conclude, it has been demonstrated how it is possible to get supreme enjoyment out of a football contest when England aren't involved. Together let's all raise a glass to 'tactical' predictions, 0-0 draws and last-gasp bonus points. There is a seven-week break until the football season starts again, so enjoy your holidays and prepare for another year of predicting.

From your host and newly-crowned EUROPEAN CHAMPION, good night!

James S254

Gary led for most of the season before crumbling in the last few weeks, with James capitalising. Loz was bottom for nearly the whole time but led a spirited fightback in March and April, only to be crippled by a few careless non-submissions towards the end of the season.