A list and the histories of some of my favorite bands

News Updates December 28th 2004:
Metallica! Moving my personal site in a new direction for more information on the bands I love as well as trying to learn more information about HTML and formating, Sign the guestbook for feedback!

News Updates August 20th 2004:
RAMEN! The other other ground beef? or wait.....heres something you might not know about Ramen, 33 people a year are sent to the hospital with mouth injuries from attempts to eat Ramen RAW! crazy bastards....

News Updates June 15th 2004:
Nightwish! They recently released a new album that I have just received. And I would just like to say that it is great. Have not had a real good update for a while so why not today?

News Updates June 1st 2004:
UPDATES UPDATES UPDATES! well some might have noticed a bit of inactivity on both mine and the stolen websites and well in light of a big welcome back to Pelindrome my site has been updated. WELCOME BACK FUCKERS!

News Updates May 19th 2004:
Well It's time for some new updates now that some NEW people have visited my site. Next up theres a new section, the DIARY REVIEWS with the great El Roach0, updated some of the code for the main page and plan on getting some new pictures up soon.

News Updates May 18th 2004:
Tweaking a few of the pictures and thinking about upgrading this to a real website. The pictures use up to much of the "hourly" badwidth restriction, and that fucking annoying, especially when I'm doing updates and previewing the page, since it take that as a website hit the site crashes faster. Anyway more updates soon.

News Updates May 16th 2004:
Updated a few of the pages layouts, added a new art section, that wont have any pics up until later, and edited a few different things. Just tweaking things back to normal usage.

News Updates May 15th 2004:
Well It's time for some new updates now that some people have visited my site. First of all I want to address all these allegations that I stole the source code of someone else website. All these accusations are a flat out lie, I didn't view the source and steal the code, come on people who do you think I am? Next ive updated the pictures site and the links site.

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