As You Enter the Home The Candles all Light of their own accord.Thinking it is strange you pick one up you see what you think is a Study.You also see paintingswhich line the walls as do portraits.Upstairs,you see a bedroom,a odd glow coming from underneath the doorframe.

In the dining area you see upon the long slender table a glass of red wine.At the main chair Rayna sits with a smirk upon her face.

"I hope you liked my story, Traveller."She said with a smile.You sat down when she gestured for you to.A glass of White Wine sat in front of your chair.After a second or so thought you picked it up and took a sip."Stay as long as you like...But beware the secrets that lie within the crystal."With saying that she stood,looking beautiful as ever she put on a hooded cloak and left you to the house alone.

You began to venture upstairs,looking from side to side for the door with the odd light.Finally, you found it.Entering the room you saw a bed,the bedposts entertwined with red and black roses.Velvet sheets covered the windows blocking out all light.On the vanity lay a white crystal.Picking it up you spot a piece of paper with hurried writing on it."Tay-ree-aun-to,Cous-Tree-Count-To" was what you read and suddenly the crystal began to vibrate.Everything vanished then you were in a dark cellar.Around you were chests of all kinds.Within one scrolls were countless.You,without anything else to do,began to read them.

"I told you not to mess with that."Rayna said upon entering.She waggled her finger at you."Come with me." And with that she led you through the inner house's workings and to the door."I pray you have found your stay pleasant..."She gave you a gentle push out the door."Fare well."And shut the door before you could say another word.

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