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Darksquall's World
A yaoi world just waiting to beckon you 'mongers in! I'm not going to put in any tricks this time. If you want to come see the stories and images, then go ahead and enter.  I have to warn you though, we support YAOI! If you don't know what that means, then turn around and head straight back out. Click on that banner there if you need more info.

If you do know what's going on then by all means,
Come on in!
Irvine and Squall are making out in my closet!
I locked Irvine and Squall and Seifer and Zell in the closet!

And they did this!

I apologise for lack of updates, for lack of enthusiasm and for everything else. I am trying to do better honest, but with a hectic scedule, work, college and my NVQ I am not finding anywhere near enough time to update, write and everythine else. Please, bear with me, I will slowly get the site overhauled and updated.