Armored Division
The Terror Begins

The ship was cold . The silence in the once busy war rooms tore at the Mechwarrior as he walked through the large metal halls of the battle ship. His attention was riped back to the present as the black clad guard of the rarely seen General approached and demanded he submit to an identification test. The Mechwarrior bit back his instinct to tear the free birth pig's throat out and spit on the insignia worn by the guard. He stepped up to the retinal scan. Entering this room never failed to amaze him. The battle command computers glowed an amber hue and lent just enough light for one to see the large round table and the shadowed figures in attendance. It seemed the air was thick with something he didnt like, yet he could not pinpoint it. Then the words from his Commander and Chief, General HeartAttack, the words that Mechwarrior First-Class
Harlequin would never forget. "I'm leaving today. The Band of Skulls has disintegrated and they are acting like a bunch of clowns. I risk too much with the Wolf's Dragoons and I must fulfill my duties there. The men here like you, so I am leaving you in charge." The following silence lasted only a minute, then the laughing started. As he stood staring at the still computer screens and laughing, it hit Harlequin. He now understood what the uexplainable, unpleasent stench was. It was the stench of a traitor! That fact caused the last little thread of sanity possessed by Harlequin to vanish . As his laughter died, he lowerd his eyes to the other figures and in a giddy evil voice asked, "Are there any pirates still among you?" One deep, slow, deliberate voice answered and said, "AFF my friend, I am with you." "Good. Then the rest of you clear out of my command room and go be dragoon lapdogs." As Harlequin and Joker left, over their echoing laughter, one statement was all that could be heard. "CLOWNS, WELL THAT AINT SO BAD."
Now months later, standing in the same room looking at the same screens, Harlequin is once again laughing. Laughing at all those who would feel the weight of his next words. "Joker, Graves, Lady, and Bozo, your orders are to take the Deadly Clowns Armored Division and let the galaxy know fear. ATTACK CLOWNS KILL FOR ME! LET PIRACY STRIKE TODAY." And turning away he continued to laugh, and the Saga Of the DCA begins.....