The Detours is a classic rock band formed in November of 2001.  They enjoy playing many types of rock, blues, and country music.  Originally called "Stone Free" for most of 2001, The Detours have been the biggest band in Devils Lake, ND since their first concert, which was a free concert, held in the fall of 2002.

The Members are:
David Leiphon - Lead Vocalist, Tamborine, Rythm Guitar.
Boone Liane - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Harmonica.
Brandon Thompson - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, 12 String Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin.
Nathaniel Leiphon - Electric Bass Guitar, Keyboard, Backing Vocals.
Adam Leiphon - Drums, Percussion, Backing/Lead Vocals.

      Originally, the band consisted of David and Nathaniel Leiphon and Boone Liane.  Boone, playing guitar, wanted to play music, so David and Nathaniel picked up the guitar and bass and learned these along with singing skills.  This sparked interest in a new group.  Both David and Nathaniel had backgrounds in music, but learning the new skills was still a challenge.  Boone had been playing guitar for several years.
     Along with the guitars, vocals and bass, the drums were added by Nathaniel's older brother, Adam Leiphon.  Adam, an accomplished saxophone player had always had a skill in drumming, but never took it serious, until offered the position in the new group being formed.
     This group of four played sparringly in the years prior to "The Detours", never having a band name.  In the summer of 2001, the guitarist Boone Liane was absent, having left the band for military duties.  The band found themselves missing a key musician in the band.
     In the following fall and winter months, David found the young guitarist, Brandon Thompson, and asked him if he would be interested in sitting in and playing for his band.  Brandon accepted this after searching for years to find a group to play in.  Brandon, David, Nathaniel, and Adam played very often in the absence of Boone, and the band grew very quickly.  The music being played was very unique and had great quality.
     Boone returned from his duties later on that year, and rejoined the band.  The band now consisted of the power five, David, Boone, Brandon, Nathaniel, and Adam.  Practicing very often was a key for the band early on, and they grew to become great musicians together.

     The great duo of Boone and Brandon provide the crisp lead, while the combination of Adam's steady drum beats with Nathaniel's powering bass line, create the foundation for the band.  Mixed in is the great lyrics and voice of David that tie the elements together to create the great sound that is "The Detours".
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Pictures of Jimmy Page (our 6th man)
The Detours:
David Leiphon (Vocals)
Boone Liane (Guitar)
Brandon Thompson (Guitar)
Nathaniel Leiphon (Bass)
Adam Leiphon (Drums)
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- Boone returned from active duty in Kansas and Missouri on Dec 20th.