Did You Know?

That The American Digimon Movie is actually Three movies in one?

The First Part (the one with young Tai and Kari) is a 40 minute movie released in Japan called "Digimon Adventure". It about Tai and Kari a few years before they went to the digiworld.
Brief summary
One night, Tai wakes up to go to the bathroom and finds Kari staring at a glowing Digi-egg on the computer screen. Before their eyes the egg begins to emerge from the screen. The next morning, the egg hatches and out pops Botamon, a strange black animal. It's a Digi-Baby - Botamon , but of course the children don't know that. He soon Digivolves again into Koromon and later that night into Agumon.(This is not that same Agumon we know from the TV show; this one is much bigger, and meaner.) Agumon was riding on Kari's Back then jumps out the window. Tai goes running after it in his PJ's. Then another Digimon appears from the sky. Its a huge, green bird-type Digimon, Parrotmon. He and agumon battle and eventually Agumon Digivolves once more. This time becoming an even larger Dinosaur, Greymon. Greymon manages to destroy the giant bird, but to Kari's dismay the dinosaur disappears too, and the movies ands with Kari calling after her lost friend Koromon. KOROMON!! she yells.
There's a rather funny scene with the fight with Tai's cat. *He had a rather strange way of showing his gratitude
The Second Part is the part were they fight Diaboramon on the internet. Its called "Our war Game". Our War Game" takes place 6 months after the children leave the Digiworld. Instead of being Summer Break, it's now Spring Break, and all the children are away, except for Tai, Kari, Izzy and Sora. Mimi is in Hawaii, Joe is studying for entrance exams into Jr. High and Matt and T.K. are visiting their grandmother in the country. Izzy cheack out a virus and finds out that's it a digimon. Thsi digimon begins to attack all the computers in the world!
The Third part with all the season 2 characters (except Ken :( ) Is a movie called "Digimon Hurricane Touchdown; Supreme Evolution: The Golden Digimentals". Because Digimon is so popular in Canada and America a new character is added, his name is Willis or Wallace in the Japanese Version, He has 2 twin digimon, he's America (too bad not a Canadian female named Diana who happens to be Ken's Best friend with a digimon called Deamon that Happens to Digivolve to an Ultimate stage Of DarkAngemon, the Angel Of Death, now that would be great). His Digimon are called in japanese Gumimon and Chocomon, in english Terriermon and cocomon? (I'll cheack that out when the movie comes out on DVD)
That Digimon was a Tamagotchi Game?

The show was created bt Toei and Japanese animation company, however it was all started with the Tamagotchi. The Tamagotchi was really popular (had an expensive penguin one It only lived 6 days). The Tamagotchi made it's debut in Japan in 1996, In 1997 is was introduce to north america, it was a smash hit, however it was too cute, so they made one for boys so they could battle them (I like that better). You could challenge other people and keep records or your wins, and this was Digimon. You started off with a digiegg and went from there You feed it, cleaned up after it, trained it etc.. Pokemon was a game that made you train and collect things,(Feb 27 1996) Pokemon expanded in what we have today. The Fad faded and these game began to vanish. Digimon evolved to a higher form to Pendulums (?). In September 1998 four Pendulums were followed a talking Agumon and a Talking Patamon in july 1999 and the first digivices the next month. The craze went from there to what we have today.
That The Digimon Emperor was actually called the Digimon Kaiser?

In Japan the Digimon emperor is called the Digimon Kaiser. I'm not sure what a Kaiser is but I think it's a person in the Army (like a general or something) I'll look it up!