Lil' Knight Dude, only put on the sight cuz of my friend Brandon Lambright.

Note: I haven't updated this website in a very VERY long time, so some things still remain as they did when I created this website in roughly 2000~2001. If you have any questions about any of the characters or are interested in some good ol' fashioned Role Playing, Please do IM me on Yahoo, Rei_Kaiden.

This took me a long time to make, Ooohhh Look at the flashing save point thingies!

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This page is dedicated to my RP characters on yahoo mainly.

Shadow, Model Type 0, Aka. Shadow Zero.

Asthar Vlad Tepes.

Valarauko Reznas.

William Shadow.

Divine Khazar.

Ryu Teniki.

Eiketsu Enzeru.

Rei Kaiden.

This Page Was Created By The Divine Entity. Anything on this site is copyright to it's respectful owner(s). For Example, Zero© is owned and created by Capcom®, but the custom version, Shadow Zero is owned by me, because it is a modification of the original and Asthar is a modification of Alucard©, Divine is a modification of Gogeta©, basically in looks but each and every aspect of this site is owned by it's creator and it's respectful owner.

Edit: To sum this up better, I can't draw worth a damn and used other images that I thought would best suit my characters.

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