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Archives: 1999

Me and my girlfriend have a great relationship. Everything is there love, communication, trust, and honesty. The problem is that when she is caught up in life (her child, work and school) she has just too much on her mind and not in the mood for sex. I can understand how she feels because sometimes it happens to me when I'm busy for work. So what can I do to turn her on? Do you know of a good book or something that can help me?

Many couples deal with this same issue when their lives become more complicated and busy. I find that most couples canít get on the same schedule as far as sex is concerned and that creates the problem. Usually it isnít because the partner isnít interested in sex anymore it is that she/he has too many other things on their mind. One book that was created for this problem is ď101 Nights of Grrreat SexĒ by Laura Corn. It has sealed pages that have instructions for various sexual surprises to do for your partner. It makes it fun and gives you both a little nudge.


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