Welcome to my world, the Dragon Pitt, my homepage.  The title of the site comes from my obsession with dragons and plus I was just having a hard time coming up with a name for the site (so it may change).  Well if you've found you're way here you are either looking for something of mine or it was a complete accident.  If it is an accident, feel free to check around and look at everything, I'm sure you may find something that interests you.  After all I'm interested in countless things, a lot of which will probably appear on this site sooner or later.

What you may find on this site, art, fiction, fan fiction, live journal, wallpapers, pictures, actress/actor info, message boards, egroups, fan listings, icons, X-Men stuff, Buffy stuff, my other website links, fav site links, comics,  and heck I don't even know what else.

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   I found the dragon picture here!

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