The Dragonsworn
The Dragonsworn are an Asheron's Call community forged on the ideals of comradery and respect.  Together, as friends, as teammates, we strive to make the lands of Dereth safer for our neighbors and to generally have a good time doing so.  Even on the darkest of night's, the Dragonsworn bathe the battlefield in an aura of righteousness!
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November 25, 2002 :: With AC2 now out and multiple factions of the old DS forming on WE, I've added a couple links on the links page for convenience sake.
September 8, 2002 :: Webpage updated with officer changes and message board consolidation.  Still looking for suggestions on an AC2 Beta section.
July 14, 2002 :: Screenshot of the Week (or month or whatever...) section added.  Please e-mail yer SS in .jpg form if possible.
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June 30, 2002 :: The monarchy celebrates the election of a new monarch - The Grinder.  Everyone be sure to abuse that /m function with congratulations! :)
Upcoming Events
Macromancer is organizing a "Monarchy Quest" unlike any quest you've ever done before in AC.  Please see his post on message board for more details.