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Jazzin' and Drummin'

This page is for those who love Jazz and Percussion.

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This page is for those who like Jazz and Percussion.

Links To Favorite Pages

The Zildjian Company is great for you Percussion enthusiasts.

The Percussive Arts Society is open to all percussionists old and young alike.

One of my favorite drummers is Peter Erskine.

The Pearl Drum Corp. is another great link for percussionists.

Vic Firth and Pro Mark carry the best and most complete lines of drumsticks in the buisness.

For those who are interested in hand-drums and other latin percussion instrumants, check out the Latin Percusion (LP) homepage.

Modern Drummer Magazine is a good source of both informative information, and fun stuff as well.

Drumer's Web is a link that came across the other day, and just descided to add to my list.

For those of you looking for the jazz links, here are some of them.

GRP Records have thoe hottest Jazz lables on the market.

Another Jazz link is Jazz Central Station.

Two oline areas concerning Jazz are Contemporary Jazz Online, and Jazz Online.

Devian's Homepage of Jazz has alot of good material on jazz, including alot more links to other jazz spots on the web. Sorry if this link hasn't worked in a while, but he moved now to here at GeoCities.

If you like the group Spyro Gyra, the Unofficial Spyro Gyra Homepage, is a great place with information on all of the albums that Spyro Gyra have published.

Finally, one of my favorite groups have put themselves officially on the web. Check out The Official Spyro Grya Homepage.

Sparcy@Geneva College


I am currently a member of a group at Geneva College, that is building a robot from a TI-92 calculator. We are doing it for an IEEE copmetition being held at West Virginia University on April 17-18. If you would like to see how things are going with it, or just want to know some more info about builing your own robot, then check out MARVIN: A robot from the TI92.

EMC Central Lakes District Family Camp 2000

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