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Welcome to The Emerald Box! I've created this site as a rescource for all beginning Sci-Fi/Fantasy writers. One quick note - this isn't for those of you who wish to publish your work. I know next to nothing about actually publishing writing; this site is here to get you off to a good start, with writing tips and such. If you wish to publish some of your writing, check my links section for some good advice and instructions.

A Lesson in Punctuation Can't tell the difference bewtween a colon and a semicolon? If you want to write properly, read my Lesson in Punctuation. Now you can be even more annoying whenever you critique someone's work!

Naming your Children After you've created a spectacular character, he or she has to have a name. Unfortunately, the name that you think suits your child might not be something the public will like. Here are some rules your name must don't want to break the rules, do you?

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Not much, huh? Don't worry - I just started this site! There will be a lot more in time.

Coming soon: Links and How to tell if your writing is Fantasy/Sci-Fi
A section for you to post your writing

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