Jango-Fett.net  is the featured site for December, 2002! This site has outstanding content
on Jango's ship, armor, friends
and enemies. It also contains links
to other Jango sites along with pict-
ures and sounds.
Go check it out

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8.18.02   Interviews are the newest feature over at Alderaan Online. The current interview is with Nalini Krishan, who was a Jedi Padawan in Attack of the clones! Head on over.

8.8.02      New affiliate!
Delusions of Grandeur has tons of fan-fiction and writing resources. Chekc it out!

The Humble Abode now hosts a message board! Go check it out!

The Jedi Army tells us they have reached 20,000 hits! Congratulations! Also, Love Luke will be reopening soon!
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11.31.02   A big update in the news department. Timothy Zahn was interviewed for a new book and gave out a lot of info on it. theforce.net has the story here. Still looking for new layout ideas. If anyone has any, please send them in. I am looking to update the books page soon. Also, there is a new featured site for December 2002.