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Welcome to the OFFICIAL site of THE END... although I've said that once already (see the red words located at the top of the page), I just thought it would be nice to read that once again to create a sincere false sense of security.

On this site, you will probably find a biography of the band, along with many rare pictures , downloadable tracks and much more to keep you off the street where you obviously live - quite possibly in sin! While you're here, why not take a quick peak at my equipment - I honestly wont mind.. I'm not shy!

If you're feeling bored or yourself, you can join the mailing list or even vote for THE END in numerous online polls and stuff - you can even order a copy of our latest CD ...have I been busy or what!!!?

Want to read what everyone is saying about THE END? Well, go to the reviews page and read some very nice comments that other people (not me!) have written about our stuff... 2 comments so far!

For full details of everything that's new with the site and End-wise, please visit the what's new section... well duh! Funnily enough, that what's new section is the newest part of the site! Bizarre huh!? The site was last updated on 27th April 2004 at 10:40pm precisely! You can go there to find out about FOUR NEW TRACKS in the music section, and JUST ADDED... some BRILLIANT new pics of Baz! You can also find out some nearly interesting details about the visitors to this site and check out a newly discovered pic taken during a sound-check at Norwich University. It's all here!

Please feel very free to tell me what you think of the site and the music and life in general! I don't mind if it's good or bad just as long as it's good! Don't be shy or silent... or both! You may even end up on the reviews page!


Please remember to write something really bizarre in THE END Guestbook... see below


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