our leader Kamoses

Kamosesanism is a religion dating back to ancient egypt in which worships of our chicken- god, Kamoses, who is essentially an evil chicken, who if not appeased wreaks havoc on the earth. Our reigion is characterised by clucking and midnight worship.

Kamosesanists believe in 8 main rules to living
1) Never, ever, eat chicken as this enrages Kamoses
2) Stupidity is an offense punishable by death
3) Worship should be conducted 13 times a week (in other words, once a day)
4) Sacrifices of eagles must be made once a year on Grain Day (September 11th)
5) Those who do not believe must be struck down in the great uprising, soon to come
6) Your staple diet must be scarab beatles and sand which is to be eaten only at dinner
7) Communication with outsisders must be kept to an absolute minimum unless conducting a conversion
8) Sarcasm is compulsory at every opportunity and any opening to ridicule or embarrass other must not be missed.

Kamosesanists live by The Book of Asbusa, which contains the story of Kamoses and our scriptures. this can be bought from any reilgious book shop and should be read within 57 hours of purcahse or you will be struck down by the chickens' wrath.

Worship can be conducted daily at your local nesting area.

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