Hey, old design back again as it was voted for.
Soon I will be no longer workiong on the site as Im starting on a new one, for N-gage and symbian programs, news, how-to's and more. this was going to be added to this site but it was simply not possible.
I don't know the new site's address yet, but when I do it will be posted here soon.
I'm gonna leave this site running so the other modereators can still post, and I'm letting blinky admin the site.



Oop, sry blinks, I thought u were still in hospital! the websites great. try signing up for the ALL NEW evilmonkeys forum, its tons better than before! go look for yourself by pressing on the forum button!


andy u spaz im not lost and i can moderate even with a tube up my nose (treatment) so no u fool and im improving my site it is very cool and if the link worked then u can see it and im missing everyone at skool

note to all: u have to click to enter

EvilMonkeys Loses a moderator.

Today, EvilMonkeys lost one of its moderators, blinky. This IS NOT permanent, it is just until he recovers from his crones disease. however, this could take several weeks and will probably not be able to post here. I will be making a thread on the ALL NEW EvilMonkeys forums (it was going to be a suprise) where you can leave your messages for blinky. Until we hear from him again, Get well soon, Blinky.