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"I was set on fire by a ghost..Aye, you laugh...You laugh, but you wouldn't have laughed if it had happened to you."
-Ewan's ghost story from Jay Leno.
Note to all who proceed: the following is a 'rant' expressing one crazy Canadian female's views and love for Ewan McGregor. At times I do get a little odd, but hey, you can just get over it...I hope I dont' offend anyone, though.. And remember, The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learn Is Just To Love, And Be Loved In Return!!!
This is Ewan McGregor...everyone wave and say hello, and get to know him, as we're going to be seeing alot of him in this site!  :)
It all started on Dec.31, 2001. My life as I knew it had been changed forever. My friend demanded we watch the movie, Moulin Rouge (maybe you've heard of it). As the New Year came and passed I was left in awe... Was it just me or was that the MOST GORGEOUS MAN I HAD EVER SEEN?!?!?!? It took me another viewing of Moulin Rouge, but at that point I was hooked...
I know there are those out there who don't know who Ewan is or, even worse, don't like him!!! ( I know it's impossible to imagine, I just can't bring myself to believe that there any complete morons out there...) And then there are those who are wondering what's so great about him...Well, *deep breath*....
1. He's Scottish
Come on, what's not to like about a Scotsman? Going to the pub, having a good time with his mates...plus, the Scottish are just cool. Just him being Scottish makes him worth it.
2. The Accent
*starts drooling* Oh, sorry, I was just imagining him talking. This man has the sexiest Scottish accent that I have ever heard!!! Although profanity is not necessarily a good thing (to some people), Ewan sounds cool when he swears.... I could just sit there all day and listen to the music of his voice. Which brings me to my next point.
3. He Can Sing!!!
Oh, can he ever sing!!! Excuse me a moment while I pop my Moulin Rouge CD in.. Ahhh yes, it's like the sound of angels..absolutely beautiful. This man should release his own CD. His voice is so strong and clear that he is undeniably talented in the realm of music. Plus he holds a raw edge to his voice which makes his singing all the more appealing to my ears.
4. His Acting Talents
Ewan can act...My God, can he act. He has displayed his incredible talents in films ranging from Moulin Rouge (as a love-inspired, shy, but charming poet, Christian), to Trainspotting (as a heroin addict getting away from the life of drugs), to the Star Wars films (as the noble and brave Obi-Wan Kenobi).
Just a few of his fabulous roles.. (from top left): Martin-Nightwatch, Obi-Wan Kenobi-Star Wars, Christian-Moulin Rouge, Joe-Young Adam, Catcher Block-Down With Love.
5. His Eyes
Described as greyish-greenish-blue, this man's eyes are filled with intelligence, intensity, and charm...they drive me crazy!!! These, alone, can convey his thoughts and feelings in his characters... *sigh*
6. His Sexy, Studdly, Manliness
I once read that Ewan is classified as the world's 7th sexiest man. 7th?!?! MORE LIKE NUMBER ONE!!! How the hell did they judge?? It's a conspiracy, I tell you, 'cause there's no way that he's not #1!!! Well, maybe he's moved up since that article was published. I can't remember the date on it. JUST LOOK AT HIM THOUGH!! Those eyes, his hair, that nose, mouth (everything about his face, especially that mole. And when he gets bristly or wet...don't get me started...), that body...ahhhh..*melts into a puddle on the floor* There is no denying true sexiness!!! This leads me into a similar topic...
7. He's Irresistably Cute and Adorable!!!
There are going to be those out there who think that this and #6 are the same thing...BUT THEY ARE NOT!! Cuteness is the 'awww' while sexiness is the raw attraction and drooling...see? Cute='awww' and Sexy=*drool* hunkahunka burning love! The difference, I mean, cute, sexy; sexy, cute, that sort of thing?? (Note: the trained eye would have seen the nod to Shallow Grave with that line) His boyish looks that he uses in Moulin Rouge.. (The scene just before Zidler discovers the lovers...the cute smile!)
8. He's Got A 'Lightsabre'
This guy has got several different names that can be used for his...*ahem*..'assets'. Old chap, lightsabre, big boy, huge talent, french horn..and I know the list continues on..
See?!? There's plenty to love about Ewan McGregor!!! I have made my own efforts to do tributes to him. On Halloween, two years ago, I dressed up as the great Obi-Wan Kenobi, complete with the tunic, Jedi robe, and blue lightsabre. And I defeated an elf in a duel. Last year, I was Catcher Block while my friend was Peter MacMannus. And a couple years ago, my friend and I performed the Elephant Love Medley in a drama/movement production, with her as Satine and me as Christian. I have the short, spiky hair, I had the jacket and costume stuff and Satine was in a red dress...but one crucial thing was missing...A POLE!!! If you haven't seen Moulin Rouge then you'll have no idea what I'm talking about, but those who have, will. The part at the beginning of the ELM when Christian swings around the pole and stops Satine while singing, "In the name of love, One night in the name of love!!"  I absolutely LOVE that part!! But, nooooo, we didn't have a pole...the one thing that would have made the performance perfect...grrrr...even today watching Moulin Rouge, I sometimes grumble, "cheap pole...ah, who cares? Damn, Ewan's sexy!!!" I still wish we had got a pole...sniff...
Back to dedication, this one can be deemed 'far-fetched', but I was told I have a nice singing voice while belting out Ewan's version of "Your Song" off Moulin Rouge.
Look!! It's the pole!!!
I have seen tons of Ewan's movies and just because I can, I'm going to make a list and give a Great Steffini review, AND THERE'S NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT...MWAHAHAHAHAAAAAaaa...ah..aha..ha... oh wait, I suppose you don't have to read it, but if you've come this far, you might as well. (Note: this is not a summary of what the movie is about, I'm just stating whether it was good or not. Also, this list isn't complete. Plus, eventually all of these will have soundclips of some sort from the movie, so turn on your speakers just in case.)
A Life Less Ordinary *

Big Fish

Black Hawk Down *

Blue Juice *

Brassed Off *

Down With Love *

Eye of the Beholder *

Little Voice

Moulin Rouge *

Nightwatch *


Pillow Book *

Rogue Trader *

Serpent's Kiss *

Shallow Grave *

Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace *

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones *

Trainspotting *

Velvet Goldmine *

Young Adam
Names with a * have sound.
Now that that's done, I have a particular thing to gripe about...the LACK OF EWAN POSTERS AROUND HERE!!! I mean, come on...this guy should have special posters with just him and no one else. I do have 2 Star Wars posters, 1 Moulin Rouge poster, a Down With Love poster, and a Trainspotting poster. But I've plastered Ewan pics all over the non-Ewan parts of the Star Wars posters. I've shafted the bulletin board after I discovered I have WAY too many pics to put simply on there. And by plastering my walls like wallpaper I no longer get unsightly holes in my Ewan pics. I have a quest for the divine Ewan calendar. They better get one here in Canada for once, or I'll go crazy. If the UK gets one, why not here? THE INHUMANITY OF IT ALL!!!! I'm gonna smuggle myself into Scotland..hehehe..the Scots won't know I'm coming..teehee..make a detour in London..Oh yeah...I've got it all figured out.
And why can't my family pronounce his name properly? My dad says "Irvine"...the hell is up with that?!? Where could you POSSIBLY get an R/r out of E-W-A-N!?!? IT'S ABSOLUTELY NON-EXISTANT!!! My bro calls him "E-wan", like E...wan...It's pronounced "U-un" as in 'U' and followed by 'Un' as in the word "UN-cool". Ewan...sheesh..people these days.
If my ranting 'shrine' is not enough to make you even curious about Ewan, then check your pulse, I think you may be dead. Or if you see anything else that's Ewan-ish but still remain on the "dark side" then there is no hope for you...I'm sorry. I've tried to shine some light on you. For all those Ewannites, I hope you enjoyed my Ewan shrine...and I will remain now and forever true to my words that.......
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