Real Name: James Dodd
The Extremist
Birth Date:
5th April 1981
Signature Move:
Extreme Kick
Finishing Move:
Extreme Bomb
Entrance Music:
Come Out And Play (Offspring)
Catch Phrase:
Are YOU extreme enough?
Career Highlights:
xXx House Title, xXx National Title


As a child, The Extremist grew up in the small town of Swansea, in South Wales.  He grew up a huge fan of wrestling, and whenever possible, he attended shows.  He especially enjoyed watching the action of highflying, technical wrestlers.  It was his dream to someday become a wrestler, but living in the UK didn't help matters.

Luckily, at the age of 18, The Extremist and his family moved over to America, so his parents could find better work.  The Extremist saw this as a perfect opertunity to realise his dream, and enrolled in a small wrestling wrestling school.  He was a quick learner, and because of his size, took on a technical and powerful style, specialising in Hardcore.  After about a year was signed to wrestler for a small federation called UPW - Universal Pro Wrestling. 

In UPW, The Extremist achieved a small amount of success, winning the Intercontinental Championship.  However, only after a few month of joining, UPW unexpectedly closed down, leaving The Extremist without work.  However, this was not for long, as he joined UPW's rival fed, ACW - Alpha Championship Wrestling.  Here he held the Intercontinental Championship on several ocasions.  However, the fed was going through a rough time, with several owners.  Eventually it improved slightly.  However, the roster was getting better, and The Extremist felt himself slipping down the rankings.  The owner of the fed at that time, Mark Cross, also known as Ultimate Dragon, decided to train The Extremist.

Once again The Extremist was a quick leaner, and keen student.  Cross helped him improve his in ring skills, as well as his promos.  Soon, The Extremist was nearly as good as the great Ultimate Dragon.  In order for The Extremist to be pushed to his best, Cross secured him a place in GWA - Global Wrestling Alliance, one of the top feds, with strong oponents.  However, once again The Extremist found himself without work, as within two weeks of joining, the federation closed down.

The Extremist decided to go back to ACW, which since he had last been there, seemed to have improved, and he soom became involved in a feud with Jeff Hardy.  Although, after about a month, the federation was failing again.  Luckily, Jeff Hardy told The Extremist about xXx - Triple X.  A short while later, The Extremist made his debut, teaming with his new friends, the Hardy Boyz.

The Extremist made a massive impact on xXx, winning most of his matches.  After only a couple of weeks though, the Hardy Boyz turned on The Extremist, leaving him on his own.  The Extremist got his revenge though, be defeating both men in a handicap match, and taking the House Title from Jeff.

It was around this time, that The Extremist spoke to Mark Cross about the fed, who shortly after became the Vice Prez.

The Extremist finally felt as if he had found his true home in wrestling.  A week after loosing his House Title, he gained the National Championship.  Most oponents he faced, he beat with ease, and has recently become the number one contender for the Heavyweight Title.

The Extremist hopes to continue his run of success in xXx.
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