The Federalist Party was a group of democratic reformed conservatives working in a political coalition of power, during the late 18th and early 19th centuries, from 1789-1816. It was the party of John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, Henry Knox, Thomas Pinckney, Elbridge Gerry, Rufus King, Daniel Tompkins, Timothy Pickering, James Madison, John Calhoun, John Marshall, DeWitt Clinton, Charles Pinckney, George Clinton, McHenry, John Jay, John Quincy Adams and even George Washington. In general, they were a conservative party, that is pro-religion and pro-business, that supported larger and more energetic government for conservative ends. However, they all repected the need for protectionism in the form of republicanism. All identified with the patriot cause and were involved in the First and Second Continental Congresses, leading the movement for independence from Britain. The right wing consisted of conservatives whose leaders who insisted upon order, discipline, and respect for leadership.

Election of 1800, the so-called "Revolution of 1800," marked the beginning of the end of the Federalist Party. Marshall as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court fought for Federalist principles over the next several decades, but the party essentially died during the administrations of Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe. John Quincy Adams was a former Federalist that moved to the Thomas Jefferson's Democratic-Republicans Party in 1807 over the Embargo issue. He then defeated the Democratic-Republican reign for six consecutive terms later, as Whig president in 1825, Quincy Adams tried to dust-off Federalist Party ideas such as stabilizing the government finances, establishin its credit and promoting economic expansion overseas in an effort to demonstrate the power of the United States government. This caused his administration to be a disaster and he had only one term as President.

This website is about the restoration of Federalism at the levels it was at during those glory years and make Federalists simply Federalists and Republicans simply Republicans interested in establishing a nationalist administration for the people through economy and agriculture. Jefferson was fond of referring to his allies as "our Republican friends." being "republicans" with a small r that advocated a strong central government which federates our true and rich regionalism. We Federalists also want to continue to show favorable treatment towards, friendship with and neutrality in foreign affairs with British North America, now the Dominion of Canada, in order to create a better political atmosphere within our continent. Also as Federalists, we must be true American patriot, defender of liberty, democracy and justice and heros in life and in death, whether in peace or war.