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Update Box
Last Update = July 13, 2009


I have bought my own webspace at www.TheNyssa.com :D

This relic is being shut down (Also Geocities is closing in October so it really WILL be shut down :'D ), and everything worth saving is being completly rebuilt at the NEW LITHE FIDER homepage at


That page can also be reached by going to TheNyssa.com and clicking the 'Lithe-Fider' logo in the corner.  :3

I am a professional artist now, I need a professional site, which is what that site is.  On my more personal lithefider site section, I'll have a more organized version of what this site was, minus the dust plus new awesome.  I will begin publishing my own original story (DNA: The Future and more), and selling my original crafts on there too.  :)

Please check it out! *runs off in a flurry of rainbows*

Thank you!  ^_^