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Pics of our fish hobby

We own a 370g--72g--30hex aquariums

We got married August 1st, 2000 at Seaworld!..Click here for some below...

Alot more pics located at url above...

Now that we have a digital camera, we will be adding pics as we get them.

Last updated on May 28, 2002

Please click on the links below to see pics of our different aquariums and fish...

370 gallon acrylic (the setting up process and introducing fish...)

370 gallon (Red Pacus, and our South American Redtail Catfish...)

72 gallon bow front (redfinned cigar sharks, and a 7" pacu-George)(Under Construction)

30 hex aquarium...Under construction...

Proud owners :) Steve(Keeper) & Sharonkay(KayPacu)

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