Relax, kick back, have a beer... or fifty...

        Welcome to the twisted world of Flatmates.
The characters portrayed in this site are fictitious, well one of them is. The rest are based on real people. The events that take place are in most cases also real.

The concept behind the production of this page was partially due to 2 things.

    1 - Some of the things that happen to us are quite amusing and might bring a smile to the faces of our readers. This alone is reason to publish the site, but we aren't like that. I personally will go out of my way to spoil something for someone. Wil also has a nasty compulsion and an uncanny knack for insulting nearly everyone.

    2 - We were bored out of our minds and decided to waste considerable time and effort in making this. Also unlike drinking, there will be something to show at the end of this that is more aesthetic then a sodomised kebab under the chair, 24 empty cans of beer and a traffic-cone on top of the TV. (How I miss those days)

Steve Hill 5/04/01 (about midnight)



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This site is best viewed under the influence of at least 12 cans of Bud.

Disclaimer - No money is being made from this site, not even a penny. Should anyone want to use one of our pictures or any of our comics, please ask first. Who knows, if you catch us drunk, we may even say yes, but on the of chance that you do, please keep a hard copy for yourself and send another copy to us as vast quantities of alcohol tend to result in a temporary loss of short term memory. You can e-mail Steve by clicking his address, or alternatively Wil by clicking his address.

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