Last Update 
Oct 2008
About the FLOATEL
The FLOATEL is a two story, 1,600 square foot facility on a 70 by 70 foot log float moored 200 feet off shore. In 1981, owners Jim and Jeannie McFarland bought the house on the waterfront in Ketchikan, moved it onto a log raft, and floated it to Thorne Bay. They started offering Bed and Breakfast accommodations in 1985 and a customer came up with the name FLOATEL to describe Thorne Bay’s floating hotel. In 1988 construction began on the four cabins on their 8-acre parcel of land behind the FLOATEL.

A decked walkway attaches the FLOATEL to shore. The first floor of the
FLOATEL is the showroom for "Baskets & Bullets", our sporting goods and basketry store. A large open sitting room and kitchen surround a large center table covered with marine charts of the area on the first floor also. The second floor that we used for Bed & Breakfast, now contains our offices and private quarters.