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The 3-D Ultrasound

Wasn't the ultrasound accurate!

A proud Mum and Grandmother

Daddy has big dreams for his son

Grandad only looks scary

Me on Hwy 10

Our Wedding

ZX9R on Hwy 16 east of the Pig Trail


But it wishes it was my bike!

ZX9R and the truck on the way to Deals Gap

Speaks for itself

ZX9R and the truck at the hotel just outside of Deals Gap

ZX9R at the overlook at Deals Gap

Looking down the overlook on the Dragon

Cherohala Skyway Map

ZX9R on the Cherohala Skyway

Follow link to watch bike video

Nema and Dante



Me in New Orleans

Me and Vicky at the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans

Me in Hyde Park, London

Buckingham Palace

Hingham, England. Vicky's home town

Vicky and her parents

In Nottingham is the only Hooters in England

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