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Mana - A fantasy webcomic

What is this place?
This is my own webcomic. Inpired by over twenty others, I decided I'd
do my (crappy) own webcomic. If you click the link 'Comic' , you'll get
to the first page of the comic.
Another note: If you want to mail me, my adress is in 'about me'!

What is the comic about?
It's no longer just about wizards! I recently moved on to much doodling
and doing just about nothing. I'm still drawing my heart out, but no more
than that. So, most of this stuff will still be in mediaval style,
but it's now just random ideas tossed around than actual coherent 

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March 18th,'08
Finally the newst style comics... Now we need inspiration...

February 10th, '08
Here's comic 71! Ugly, terrible etc, but that gives me time to draw comic 74,
 75 etc. Just wait one more week, and comic 72 will appear! Totally new, & 

February 5th, '08
I have found back Comic 71, inked & colored. I added text, and will add the 
comic itself to this very site next week. Why next week you ask? Well, I have
For you! I've made a comic 72. I will probably make a comic 73 soon, and if I 
find someone to write for me, I might even get to get on with the comic, doing 
a weekly update or somesuch.

February 3rd, '08
Phew! The 8th year of the millenium! Now that's what I call a hiatus! Two
 installments last year... That's promising for this year... Not!
Well... Here hoping! ^_^"

August 20th, '07
Another new installment. Never expected that didya?
Anyway, it's here now, and there's nothing you can do about it!

Juli 1st, '07
That was a long... A very long hiatus...
Wow, last comic was just before Rome! That's like... Ages ago...
Anyway, new format, new banner, new ideas. I did make a second comic, but
I never got round to posting it.
Also, to show what I mean by the new format, here's two comicish thingummybobs.
May 13 '06
Ok, the first true comic. Hope ya like it. The next one will have to wait br> until that monday; I'm off to rome until then! Until then.

May 7 '06
The first update in ages! But now, there's actually something to look at!
I'll be doing the comics like this now. While I'm teaching myself how to
draw Felix & drake, I'll put you up with the princess, her captors and
probably some random doodles & ideas. I'll be doing one comic a week,
starting next week.

February 19 '06
New comic at long last eh! Still no new story-comics, but it's coming.

January 05 '06
Whew! New year, new chances! Happy new year to Y'all. But(!!!) this year
it'll be all different. At the one-year celebration this comic will
finish its transformation from the paint-drawn comic to a true drawn
webcomic! Still that needs time. Give me 'till march, & I'll try to
have a product ready.
More news today! I'm now creating a yahoo group dedicated to this site.
maybe now, any readers here might open their head-hole.