The Friday Club

A group of students at the University of Hyderabad felt the need to have a forum where they can discuss and debate upon issues of current interest. A small group of ten to fifteen students decided to get together on a friday evening in the fall semester of year 2000 to experiment with this idea. A hot topic in the Indian news media then revolved around granting more autonomy to Jammu-Kashmir. Thus on the first day, this group basically tried to compare and contrast various lines of argument and issues at stake there. Almost every one who was present there deemed this experiment a success and the group decided to meet on all friday evenings, a topic for the next week often being suggested in the previous session itself. Slowly this group came to be known as the Friday Club, always welcoming people who share an interest in open discussions. Today the members of the Friday Club are scattered across the country. The group is floated on the net too. Click here to see the group site. Your comments and suggestions are welcome. Please remember to sign the guestbook.

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