The Garden Gnomes
The Garden Gnomes are a interesting rock/metal hybrid band from Anaheim, California.  These four formed in July/August 2004.  It started with Eric(guitar) and Jake(bass) who were best friends since third grade.  Tyler and Kevin were later intstated into the band, with Erics insane guitar riffs, and Jakes mad bass skills the addition of Kevins sick drums and Tylers raspy growl have made the Garden Gnomes the greatest band to come from California to date.  I am glad to be writing this and it is my, my honor, to be writing this site for them.  In the next few weeks, I will be adding pics and more info, I hope you all keep listening for them and keep track of the air waves for this awesome band. 
by: Ramon Baca
Band Members
Vocals : Tyler Keating
Guitar :
Eric Landa
Bass :
Jacob Mount
Drums :
Kevin Tingley
Gnomie Buddies
Were not sell outs.......WE SWEAR!!!