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FLYING ACES Eagle Squadron 34

July 4th, 2001
Walt Mooney Memorial Peanut & Twice Peanut meet
and Earl Stahl Contest at 60 Acres

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The weather was fantastic for flying on July 4th, and a good group showed up for the meet. Gary Hunter CD'd this funfly event. All models in the Peanut and Twice Peanut events had to be built from Walt Mooney Peanut plans, or from a Mooney plan doubled in size. To give flavor to the event and honor Walt Mooney, fliers were required to wear a tie for all official flights. Several long flights were recorded, and there were even a couple of OOS flights! Needless to say, a good time was had by all!

Gary Hunter, our intrepid CD for the Mooney Memorial Peanut and Twice Peanut event with his two entries, A two-times-Peanut-size Aeronca Defender, and a Peanut Scale Andreason BA-4b. Both flew GREAT as usual! (photo from last year's Mooney Memorial Contest - other fliers badly edited out by web-grasshopper.)
Jim Woods holding his GORGEOUS twice-Peanut size Whittman racer! You have to see this one up close to appreciate the workmanship!
Ron Vanden Bossche's twice-Peanut size Farman. Lookit all that wing!
Mike Morrow (your web-grasshopper) holding his 2 x Peanut Mooney HR-100 Robin Tierra. It flew out-of-sight at 6 minutes plus, so there was no picture from this meet. This picture scrounged from Last year's Mooney Meet. Guess I'll be building something else for next year's meet! That'll teach me not to put my name on my models!
Dan Smith's Fokker D-VI Mooney Peanut. Dan did a beautiful job coloring this model with lozenge camoflage. Another one of those gotta-see-it-to-appreciate-it models.
Dan launches his Fokker D-VI Peanut.
Your web-grasshopper's Piper Vagabond Mooney Peanut. I chased this little guy down the length of the field a couple of times! Required tie for Mooney event made from stopwatch lanyard.
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JULY 4th, 2001 photo page 2!
JULY 4th, 2001 photo page 3!