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FLYING ACES Eagle Squadron 34

October 7th, 2000 - Walt Mooney Memorial!
Walt Mooney Peanut and Twice Size Peanut Contest, and Guillow 900 series contest!
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Gary Hunter CD'd this funfly event. All models in the Peanut and Twice Peanut events had to be built from Walt Mooney Peanut plans, or from a Mooney plan doubled in size. To give flavor to the event, the rules required entrants to wear a tie for all official flights.

From Left: Don Miller, Al Likely, Mike Morrow, and Gary Hunter. Al's twice-size Andreason BA-4B (yellow biplane in photo) turned in a great 3:00 minute flight! Gary Hunter's twice size Piper Defender turned in a very pretty 1 min. 43 sec. flight! Don is holding his BAT Baboon, Al Likely twice-size and Peanut size Andreasons, Mike a twice-size HR-100 Robin and a Guillow's T-28, and Gary Hunter a twice-size Piper Defender and a Peanut Andreason.
Don Miller (left) and Dan Smith with BAT Baboons - one twice-size, and one Peanut.
Mike with his HR-100 Tiara twice-size peanut - high time 1 min. 19 sec. - model is a very pretty flier.
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