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Do You Have a Gyno Exam Fetish? Does the picture excite you?
Do you wish you were the doctor, or the patient...
"Doctor will be right in to start your exam."
You're not the only one.  There are lots of women who fantasize about intimate gynecological exams, and even more men who find them fascinating.  What does it mean if the thought of a speculum turns you on?  Let's explore this interesting fetish, and with a little help from each other, we can enjoy it even more!  Our club is one of the biggest communities of GynoFetish lovers, so be sure to join us.  You must be an adult to participate, of course.  -- the gyno gal
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Dear GG:
Is it safe to consider meeting somebody for gynoplay?  I'm a woman who's interested in this subject, but it's a bit scary to consider getting together with a stranger to play gyno doctor.  What do you recommend? 
--  Wilhemina
Dear Wilhemina:
The idea may seem scary at first, but it's being done all the time by women.  You need to be very careful that the playdoc you contact is a good guy; come to our Yahoo group and we have resources to help you make a wise choice.  Also, ask other women in our club if they could recommend anybody.  There is an active gynoplay community, so it's definitely possible to find someone to play with!  -- gg
Dear Gyno Gal,
I'm a guy who loves to look at pictures of women having their pelvic exams, and read stories about the subject.  It's just totally sexy to me, and I'm not sure why, beyond of course the usual naked woman thing. And I especially like photos that look like actual procedures, rather than models paid to pose.  Are there women who would consider "roleplaying" in this scenario?  I would very much like to act this interest out.  Can you buy some of the equipment?  I'm new at this.
- wish-I were-an OB-GYN
Dear Wish --
You're not alone.  You need to join my club on Yahoo -- see the link above -- to see that there are lots of men who feel the same way, and women, too!  As to finding someone to play with, at least with the net there are ways to reach out and hopefully connect up with like-minded people with fairly specific interests, and this is definitely one of them.  It might take a while, but unless you live in an isolated area, chances are you could  be able to find one close by.  It might not happen immediately, but I think there are more of us out there than you might think.  And yes, you can buy speculums online. We have links to several good  sources, and evidently they are also available in some pharmacies.    Good Luck!  Hope  to see you at the club! --
The Gyno Gal
Dear Gyno Gal,
Whenever I'm at the gynecologist's office, I can't wait for the nurse to tell me to take off all my clothes and put on the little paper gown.  It's a combination of dread and excitement.  And when I have to put my feet in the stirrups and the doctor lifts the paper and shines the light onto me, my heart starts beating like crazy.  Does this mean I have a gyno fetish? I don't want the doctor to do anything sexual to me, I just like the idea of being probed, etc., and being exposed.  Is this what you're talking about?  --
Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair
Dear Jeannie --
Um,  yes!   I think you have a Gyno Fetish.  I'm glad that you mentioned that you don't want the doctor to really do anything sexual; I think that this is a real distinction that needs to be made.  For instance, the *last* thing I want is to have a real doctor appointment turn even remotely sexual.  It's the clinical aspect that turns *me* on.  Sounds like that's your thing, also. I know there is a line of gyno fetish that veers into sexual encounters in the office, and that's cool, but it's only one aspect of the fetish.  Now that you know you're got a Gyno Fetish, you need to explore it a little!  Be sure to check out my Yahoo club called Gyno Exam Fetish, and we'll hopefully find lots of people who can help!  --
The Gyno Gal
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