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This is just an archive of old Spider's Web News. See what happened in the past...if you dare!

News From 2001

April Previews Up:
(March 30th)
Previews for all the Spider-Man related titles set to ship in April have been posted in the previews section. Check back soon for an updated list of all of the Spidey books shipping in May soon.

See the previews for April.

Black Cat Sneak Peek:
(March 19th)
The cover to the first issue Black Cat, the much anticipated mini-series written by Kevin Smith and illustrated by Terry and Rachel Dodson, was released today. The mini-series is set for a May release, in time for the Spider-Man movie, and is said to be four issues, though earlier reports had it at six issues. An ongoing Black Cat series will follow.

See the cover!

MTV's Spider-Man Updates:
(March 13th)
Lisa Loeb It's been officially announced that Neil Patrick Harris, best known for his role of Doogie Howser, and musician Lisa Loeb, will be performing the voice roles of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson on the upcoming Spider-Man animated series, set to air on MTV this fall. Producer Audu Paden spoke highly of the casting decisions, and also reported that recordings will begin next week for the series, set to air this October.

Neil HarrisAs noted by Spider-Man: The Animated Series head writer, and Ultimate Spider-Man scribe, Brian Michael Bendis, the series will feature popular recording artists in guest roles as villains, a natural considering the series network.

Loeb and Harris are the first known actors cast in the series so far, but further casting decisions are expected to be released soon.

For the Spider's Web cartoon coverage, check out the Cartoon section.

"Spider-Man Classics" Returns!:
(February 14th)
After an annoucement late last year that the Spider-Man Classics toy line would be cancelled so Toy Biz could focus on it's upcoming Marvel Heroes line, as well as the popular movie toy line, Classics resurfaces in grand fashion. Two new lines are planned for later this year, unveiled earlier this week at the New York International Toy Fair.

For complete coverage on the Spidey-toys, including all-new Dr. Octopus and Hobgoblin figures, as well as a Humberto Ramos designed "Magnetic" Spider-Man, head on over to figures.com. For the Spider's Web toy coverage, check out the Merchandise section.

February and March Previews Up:
(January 26th)
The previews for the next few months of Spidey books are posted, including a few surprises for Ultimate Spider-Man fans, and a treat for old timers who may remember a certain black and white comic by the name of Spectacular Spider-Man...

See the previews for February and March.


News From 2001

Ben Reilly Returns:
(November 15th)
Thanks to pro-clone creators Tom DeFalco and Pat Olliffe, Ben Reily, the Spectacular Scarlet Spider will be making a grand re-appearence in the pages of Spider-Girl.

Ben will reappear via a flashback story that the aging Peter Parker tells his teenaged daughter May.

Here's what Marvel says:
DeFalco / Olliffe / Williamson
On this issue's cover, is that... Ben Reilly?! Peter Parker finally tells his daughter about his own origin and her Uncle Ben! Including appearances by the Scarlet Spider, Kaine, Carnage, and the original Green Goblin! It's a complete one-issue story that makes a great jumping on point for the wild ride to #50!
On sale February 6th

Hate creator takes on
"The Megalomaniacal Spider-Man":

(November 15th)
With Marvel's new initiative towards bringing in new and off-beat creators, it seemed like only a matter of time before Peter Bagge, creator, artist and writer of the indy comic Hate worked his magic on Marvel's top-tier heroes.

The hero in question: Why none other than Spider-Man. And as was the case with legendary creators Bruce Jones and Richard Corben on their recent "Banner" mini-series, Bagge's story will be presented under the Starling Stories heading.

According to editor Axel Alonso, the one-shot issue, titled "The Megalomaniacal Spider-Man", will feature a bevy of classic Spidey foes, while being set about two years after Uncle Ben's death. Though the issue will be very funny, Peter Parker is shaken to his very core when he makes a very startling discovery about his beloved uncle. "Peterís going through Aunt Mayís attic and he comes across some boxes," Alonso said. "These boxes have photos, receipts, documents that seem to indicate that Uncle Ben was a whoring, loansharking lout. The night he got killed, he was out to collect on a debt."

Told in three acts, the story will act as a sort of "What If?" story for Peter taking the possibility that the man who taught him responsibility was a common crook. "Heís just distraught when he sees this," Alonso said of Peter's reaction.

Startling Stories: The Megalomaniacal Spider-Man by Peter Bagge will ship this April, and will feature the coloring of Laura (X-Force)Allred.

Spidey Hits PS2:
(November 9th)
Activision, the company that brought us the first two Spider-Man video games and the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater line of games, has released a preview of the upcoming Spider-Man: The Movie video games, set for release on May 3rd, the same day that Spider-Man arrives in theatres. For life like renditions of Spider-Man in action, the trademark webbing and a few familiar faces, click on the link, or highlight the text for spoilers if you can't see the video.

Find out who Spidey's going to have to contend with in Spider-Man: The Movie for PS2:
Why, none other than the sinister Shocker and the high-flying Vulture, both rendered life-like and in their classic costumes!

Click to see the preview for Spider-Man: The Movie

New Animated News - Bendis on Spidey-Toon?:
(November 7th)
With the Spider-Man movie just months away, it makes sense that an animated project would be in development, and as reported here at the Spider's Web a few months ago, it's seeming more likely that the new show will air on MTV. With the edge allowed on MTV that the new show wouldn't have on Saturday morning television, comes the news that Ultimate Spider-Man scribe Brian Michael Bendis will be penning several stories for the show, including the premiere episode, which is reported to draw upon Bendis' own Ultimate Spider-Man #1 as it's inspiration. Several animated studios, including Vancouver, Canada's Mainframe, are among the few candidates to produce the series, giving the series a CGI edge. Mainframe is responsible for the wildly successful Action Man series and the upcoming Gatecrasher, based on the Black Bull mini-series by Mark Waid.

No premiere date is set for the series, but it is likely that the new show will air in the 2002-2003 season, following the summer debut of the film.

This isn't the first time that Spider-Man has been animated to coincide with a movie; back in 1994, a Spider-Man animated series first aired on FOX that was expected to lead into James Cameron's ill-fated Spider-Man project. This is actually why, oddly enough, the series did not begin with an origin episode, as to not conflict with Cameron's plans. The earlier series, which concluded it's original run in 1998, was rebroadcast last summer to respectable ratings.

What's Next for Spider-Man:
(October 10th)
As reported by Wizard Magazine, Amazing Spider-Man writer J. Michael Straczynski's plans for the next six months on the flagship title have been revealed. Storylines for the next six issues will stem from Aunt May's discovery that Peter is Spider-Man in Amazing Spider-Man #35. "I don't want to make this a here-and-gone discovery, I want to really explore the consequences of hiding this from her for so many years."

Straczynski also added that he'll likely be extending his one year run on Amazing Spider-Man if the editors decide to keep him on board and if he wants to stay around, a notion made very likely, given these statements.

Spidey Helping Out

Amazing Spider-Man #36 - Spidey Helps Out:
(October 8th)
In today's edition of the New York Times, a story presented a glimpse into the upcoming issue of Amazing Spider-Man, set to deal with the World Trade Center disaster. The issue, which will be #36, will be done by the regular creative team of John Romita jr. and J. Michael Straczynski and will feature Spider-Man and other Marvel superheroes helping out in the aftermath.

The article included quotes from Romita and rough pencils of a panel featuring Spider-Man and Cyclops aiding firefighters. Many fans find this to be in bad taste however, with opinions on the book ranging "cheesy" to "trivial". Straczynski, however, has gone on record saying that the issue, set to ship this November, will not trivialize the events of September 11th and pay tribute to those fallen.

More on this upcoming issue will be posted as news becomes available.

Editor Alonso Promises Big Things to Come
(September 8th)

Spider-Man group editor Axel Alonso said in a recent statement that an upcoming storyline beginning in Amazing Spider #35 through issue 37 "will forever change the way (that Spider-Man) looks at himself, and the world."

And unlike all the other times that kind of statement is tossed around, Alonso promises that this time they're going to back it up.

Issue 35, the sixth issue by writer J. Michael Straczynski and artist John Romita jr. will also be the concluding chapter of the ongoing Morlun/Ezekiel storyline and will bring about big changes to the book. "It's a really, really huge story", said Alonso, who went on the mention that Stracyznski's presense has also brought in a new fan base to Spider-Man. "The greatest compliment as an editor is that I find people that I work with who normally wouldn't touch a Spider-Man book, are really reading the book, and, as a result, they're taking a look at the other titles as well."

"Summer Catch" Star Writes Spidey?:
(August 22nd)
During the recent Chicago Wizard World comic convention, it was revealed that like Kevin Smith's involvement with Daredevil in 1999, another "big Hollywood name" will be brought in to do a writing stint on a Marvel Comics title. Topping the list of posibilities is actor Freddie ("Head Over Heels", "Summer Catch") Prinze jr. following his recent statement over at the E! Online website, where the twenty-six year old star stated that he had cleared a deal with Marvel to write a storyline for a yet to be named hero. Prinze, a professed Spidey fan has said that while he can't reveal the characters name, "he climbs walls."

If anything, should this is in fact be true, Prinze should at least tap into the much sought after twelve year old girl demographic, comics rarely do tap into.

What's Buzzing:
(August 15th)

The Cast of American Pie 2           
  • "Flavor of the Week" and "Rock Show"
  • : I know these've been around for a couple of months now, but I still really dig these songs by American Hi-Fi and Blink-182.


  • X-Force
  • : This great revamp by Brian Milligan and Mike Allred is still heating up all kinds of charts. If you're not reading this series yet, what are you waiting for?


  • "Rush Hour 2" & "American Pie 2"
  • : If you haven't seen these hilarious follow ups to two very funny movies, check them out, and stay to see some funny as heck outtakes at the end of "RH2".

    Classic Character to Die This September - Revised!!
    (August 15th)

    It's been announced by Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Joe Quesada, that a longtime Marvel superhero will parish this September. Saying that the unfortunate one has a long and rich history with fans and creators has fueled much debate over which character will die. Fans are quick to point out that Incredible Hulk and Peter Parker writer Paul Jenkins will be leaving the Hulk by September, prompting many to wonder if ailing Bruce Banner will be the one to go, or if soon to be relaunched hero Captain America will enter the grim reaper's embrace.

    Little is currently known towards the identity of the soon to be departed, but it's certain that more information, as well as other ways of saying "they died" will surface soon.

    This just in: It was actually Odin, Thor's dad who died. Back to business as usual.

    Spider-Movie News:
    New Movie Section

    (January 11th)

    There's so much news popping up about the Spider-Man movie, I've set up a whole new section for it. Check it out for news, cast pictures and a confirmed cast list.

    go to the movie section

    April To Be Spider-Man Month
    (January 11th)

    Following the departure of long-time Spider-Man writer and the arrival of new writer J. Michael Straczynski, Marvel has announced that April 2001 will be the company's Spider-Man month. Details have been sketchy as to what with accompany Straczynski's debut issue, the thirtieth issue of Amazing Spider-Man, as part of the festivities.

    For the following month, Marvel will return to it's practice of having year-long "X-Men months". You see I say that because there's so much X-Men junk out there.... Thanks, I'm here all week.



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