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Spider-Man: 1001 Ways to End the Clone Saga #1 (November 1996)
Bernardo Herrera Christian

1001 Ways to End the Clone Saga review by justin anderson

the plot: The offices of Marvel Comics. They have to find an end to the clone saga, and fast. After quick explanations to the staff, discussions begin.

Ending 1) proposed long ago, Parker announces the clone story to the world. Black Cat gets disgusted that she's been..... " 3 or 4 times a night" with a clone.

Ending 2) An unconscious Parker is found. Kaine, Mary Jane, and either Parker or Reilly went missing in an explosion, and amnesia prevents the only survivor from remembering which one he is.

Ending 3) A 3rd Parker shows up at the testing labs, revealing he is the first Peter Parker. He, and the current, must go back in time and merge into Ben Reilly. No one gets it.

Ralph Macchio finally shows up at the offices. Everyone heads out to lunch.

Ending 4) The fight at Ravencroft, Judas Traveller has freed Carnage. Green Goblin, Black Cat, and Firestar show up to help Spidey. Carnage likks Judas Traveller for suggesting "Maximum Carnage 2" ("Do you realize I didn't see one red cent of ROYALTY MONEY from that video game?"). Scrier sends Parker back in time.

The Marvel editors get in trouble with the chef for excessive yelling.

(Ending 4 continued) Scrier opens Ben's memories, revealing he IS Peter Parker. Scrier is also Mephisto, after Parker's "pure" soul. Traveller, barely alive, offers his soul instead. Mephisto accepts.

The various plot holes are pointed out, proving that no proposed ending can work. Final endings sugegstared are Ben melting, a plot by the Master Programmer, and finally, the clone being stepped on by a Sentinel during the Onslaught story. The talks degenerate into "101 uses for a dead clone". Utau, the Watcher, has been watching. He wishes he hadn't.

the review: Even Marvel knew the clone plot was messed up beyond reason. No ending would have made a lot of sense in the long run, for a plot that they, apparently, wish had never happened. Mainly commentary about the discussions among the staff to end it, with running commentary from a few characters.

Still, like the clone saga, so much is happening in the few pages, it can take a little effort to follow, and requires working knowledge of the clone story.

**** out of *****



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