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Spider-Man: Dead Man's Hand (February 1997)
Stern Edkin Robertson Lawlis Aiken

Dead Man's Hand the plot: A SHIELD scientist, studying the remains of Miles Warren, the sinister Jackal, becomes the new host for the Carrion virus, and sets off to enslave the world. Meanwhile Peter Parker, reflecting on his failures and seemingly rotating rogues gallery, has to later deal with Carrion and his legions of enslaved followers. Spider-Man manages to get away and gains assistence from SHIELD who fill him in on things, along with unexpected aid from the Tinkerer, whose son has fallen victim to Carrion. With the aid of the Jackal's former partner the High Evolutionary, Carrion is defeated and the victims cured, and it's theorized that the scientist, William Allen, became Carrion after being exposed to a virus in the Jackal's body, put there to protect him from his Carrion virus (for more on this, see Maximum Clonage: Omega). The High Evolutionary, at first reluctant to help out, also appears at the end with Warren's journals to aid the victims.



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