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Spider-Man: Movie Adaptation
Wal-Mart Exclusive
(October 2002)
Lee Davis Farmer

Spider-Man the Movie - Walmart exclusive review by justin anderson

the plot: As part of their promotion for the Spider-Man DVD, Wal-Mart handed out an exclusive movie adaptation comic.

Stan Lee once again takes the job as writer. The first scene we see is of Spider-Man on a rooftop, reflecting on his history. Going to live with Ben and May, seeing Mary Jane for the first time, up to the field trip. From this point, the comic prsents a somewhat condensed version of the movie's events, focusing primarily on the important story elements. Peter being bitten, learning his powers, and Norman Osborn's accident. We're led through the wrestling match, Uncle Ben's death, and Peter's hunt for the killer. The issue ends at the fesival battle.

the review: While this is not a perfect adaptation of the film, Stan Lee presents a fairly easy to follow version of the events, while keeping each scene fairly true to the film. At the same time, we're presented with more of Spider-Man's wisecracks than in the movie, which is expected from a veteran Spider-Man author.

The artwork is exceptional. Characters resemble the actors almost perfectly (the key exception being that Bone Saw McGraw does not look like Macho Man). The attention to detail shows, through the silver webbing on Spider-Man's costume to the artwork on the Green Goblin costume.

What can I say? It's well drawn, well written, and it's free. *****



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