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Raging Bulls   -  The next collection, called Raging Bulls, is inspired by the world of Hip Hop masculinity and itís urban connections with the urban survival skills of boxing.

Hip Hop lives and breathes in a heady world of testosterone and movement. It is raw masculinity, but with a sensual and sensitive undercurrent in the music. Boxing is violent and yet beautiful, with balanced almost balletic movements.  Modern man is expected to be more sensitive, but animal passions are always just below the surface - always ready to strike or caress.

This latest collection incorporates classic and modern techniques to produce a masculine look with soft , casual lines. The result is a merging of boxing and hip 70s influences to produce visually stunning contemporary styles.

Foto , Andre Batista     /    stylist ,Biaca Jahara     /    make ,Ubirande

                             /                                              NEANDRO MENU