(No, silly. Not that Bill...of course not THAT Bill...our Bill, the next leader of the free world, remember him?)

It was a dark and rainy night at Shatner 2000 HQ when the inspiration struck.

"My...GOD..! That's... it! It! IT!" gasped Dr. Bern, the ship's counselour, doing a fair impression of Our Sainted Leader. "Have you ever noticed how much Hillary Clinton looks like Nurse Chapel?!!!" Beagle, our ironically-named gopher, was dispatched to find photo evidence. When it came back there was sure, incontrovertable proof of the rightness of this designation:

Exhibits "A" and "B": "Stand By Your Man" Note adoring, submissive gaze, which still manages to tastefully, subtly imply, "For this I gave up a doctorate?!!!"



So it seemed the combination of vastly more smarts, simmering rage, and dutiful submission (all requisites for a VP, Dan Quayle notwithstanding) were there. Yet the crucial factor remained: Could she have 60's-style hair worthy of a place next to the toupeed one? And how would she look in a form-fitting standard-Federation-issue tunic? This grainy photo confirmed our wildest hopes and dreams:


Bill and Hillary....Hillary and Bill...Dammit, Jim!

It Just Sounds Right.

Dear God. Take me away from this silliness and back to the main page.

Er, no, wait, I want a look at the other candidates.